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Have your investments done well? It may be time to add protections.

The best time to protect your money is now

Retirement can be an exciting time and it’s important to be ready for it financially. Considering how hard you've worked for your money, you should have a strategy in place to protect what you've earned. You may have outstanding questions about retirement such as, “Will I outlive the money I’m saving?" or "Will I be able to take care of my loved ones after I’m gone?”


Annuities are retirement solutions that can protect you from market downturns and help you meet your evolving financial needs. They can offer opportunities to continue safely growing your portfolio tax-deferred, provide a guaranteed lifetime stream of income and share your legacy with the people and causes you care about.

Solutions Offered

Fixed Annuities

Guaranteed interest earnings and principle protection with no market participation

Fixed-Indexed Annuities

Opportunity for higher interest earnings by tracking external market index - and options for guaranteed lifetime income 

Immediate Annuities

Great for individuals who need the maximum amount of guaranteed income for a period of time, or life

Hybrid Annuities with LTC

A great add-on or alternative for individuals who cannot pass underwriting of traditional long-term care

Deferred Premium Annuities

Get started saving for retirement, or deposit an initial lump sum and continue contributing for years to come

Why New Millennial Financial?

Aside from wondering if an annuity is right for you, you should also be wondering which broker is right for you.


Having access to your options in the independent market, as well as many limited distribution proprietary solutions, New Millennial Financial provides unbiased, open-architecture planning, coupled with the latest technology to spreadsheet all available solutions, industry wide. 


Whether your continued goals for retirement are accumulation, income, or both, our extensive reach and nearly a decade of experience in the annuity market allows us to stand apart from other brokers who are limited on what they can offer, but more importantly it allows us to also meet the extended needs of those in unique situations.


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