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Affordable Health Insurance Solutions

Tailored to assist everyone, regardless of your health or financial status

Today's Health Insurance Market

As a result of the 2012 Affordable Care Act legislation, the health insurance industry has seen some drastic changes, leaving many consumers confused. Today there are three main ways for individuals and families to obtain coverage...


ACA Obamacare plans provide benefits for a broad range of health care services, and can save you money on routine doctor visits, prescription drugs, preventative care, hospital stays, and more.


These plans are available to almost everyone, and you can’t be denied based on preexisting conditions. 


However, you can only enroll during certain times of the year.

Short-term Medical

If you can't afford an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan or have missed the cutoff to apply, you may want to consider a short-term plan.


Short-term health insurance does not help you avoid any ACA mandated state tax penalties, but they do accept applications year-round, and they can help offset medical costs unrelated to a pre-existing condition.

Supplemental Health

Looking for additional coverage to supplement the costs of care for services that health insurance doesn't cover? 

Supplemental health plans can help you cover costs associated with dental, vision, hearing, hospitalization, critical illnesses and more.

They also accept applications year round and in some cases do not require medical underwriting.

We offer all 3 solutions!

Conveniently Shop Your Options

Health insurance can help reduce and eliminate the risk of unexpected out‐of‐pocket expenses from derailing your life plans. Choosing the right combination of benefits can be hard, but North Financial Partners makes it easy.


Guaranteed Acceptance

HMO & PPO/EPO Options

Guaranteed Renewable

Referrals needed if HMO

Enrollment Periods

Short-term Medical

Must Answer Health Questions

Nationwide Coverage

Apply Anytime

No Referrals Needed

Must Reapply

Supplemental Health

May Require Underwriting 


Vision & Hearing

Hospital Indemnity

Critical Illness

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